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Fitzmorris Mission Statement

All students learn at Fitzmorris everyday.

Welcome to Fitzmorris Elementary

Though we will deeply miss our colleagues that have moved on, we are extremely excited for our new staff and the core of our school staff that have committed to our community!  Change is inevitable in schools and this year is no different.  I look forward for you to meet your students’ teachers this fall and to meet each of you as well.

How to get involved at Fitzmorris Elementary 

  • Accountability Committee:  Our family and community opportunity to provide input in decision making here at Fitzmorris Elementary.  We discuss budget, educational programming, new initiatives, and parent engagement. 
  • Parent Coffee:  Monthly family group that comes together for learning, input and forward thinking. 
  • Volunteer:  Come join us in your child’s classroom or helping out with school-wide events
  • Homework:  Read with your primary student (k-3) daily and have your older children read on a daily basis.  Ask questions of your child about what they are reading.  Also, set time daily for students to complete other homework.
  • Communication:  Please be sure to communicate with your child’s teachers.  Make sure they understand who your child is and what strengths they bring to the school.  Throughout the year, if you have any questions or frustrations please be sure to communicate as soon as possible.  When we let frustrations sit they often get bigger.  We are here to problem solve for what is best for your child.  

Thank You!

Thank you for trusting us with your child’s education!  We are partners in your child's education and take that responsibility seriously.  We are here to serve our students and our community and are excited for this school year. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Linda Ciccarelli, Principal
Fitzmorris Elementary